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Please refer to Guidance Note 2/15 in the publications section.

CPR and CE Marking of Reinforcing Steel Products

The CPR lays down harmonised conditions for the marketing of construction products. As part of the CPR, CE marking of un-excepted construction products has become mandatory from 1st July 2013. This will bring the UK (and a few other member states) into line with the rest of Europe (i.e. EU/EEA).

CE marking is now the main legal means for placing individual mandated products on the market in the UK (and all other member states). According to the CPR the product areas mandated to have harmonised Standards include (as under the CPD):

However, it should be noted that a product can only have CE marking where it is covered by a harmonised European Standard (hEN -identified by having an annex ZA)

If there is no hEN there can be no CE marking. For instance CE marking of reinforcement can only occur once the harmonised standard for reinforcement, EN 10080 comes

into being. Then stock lengths and coils of reinforcing steel, reinforcing fabric and lattice girders will need to be CE marked. As there are no plans for cut and bent reinforcement to become subject to a hEN, it is not included in the European mandate.

EN 10080 is currently in draft format and is not expected to become live for at least 12 months. Further information will be made available as this develops.

It should be noted that some reinforcement accessories are subject to CE marking and you are advised to check accordingly.

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