British Association of Reinforcement
At no extra cost. Compared with other construction materials, reinforced concrete provides inherent flood resilience at no extra cost.


Revised August 2014

The name of the Association is the British Association of Reinforcement (BAR).

The Association is registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee (the Company) with registered office at Gillingham House, 38-44 Gillingham Street, London SW1V 1HU.

Aims and Objectives

The Association is operated for the benefit of its members and for the benefit of the reinforced concrete sector of the UK construction industry.

BAR cannot dictate material sourcing. However, wherever possible, BAR and it’s members are expected to forward and support the UK reinforcement industry.

As the industry forum, BAR aims to:

The above aims and objectives, and all associated discussions, are pursued in a non-commercial manner


The Association has two grades of membership:

Full Membership

Full Membership of the Association is open to any company or other organisation that is actively manufacturing, fabricating or processing steel reinforcement in the UK, has CARES or equivalent quality accreditation, will act to support of the reinforced concrete sector and can demonstrate the ability to support the aims and objectives of the Association set out in the Constitution. Full Membership is subject to BAR Council approval.

Only Full Members are entitled to attend BAR board meetings and to vote on key issues such as membership entitlement, subscription setting etc. Similarly, only representatives of Full Members may represent BAR on outside bodies such as the CARES board and British Standards committees.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership of the Association is open to individuals and organisations that have an interest in and wish to support and promote the reinforcement sector of the UK construction industry, but do not meet the criteria set out above for Full Member status. Associate Membership is subject to BAR Council approval.

Associate member status should be open to those that are not eligible to be a Full Member of BAR as defined in the Constitution. Associate membership is open to all non-UK manufacturers subject to the discretion and agreement of the BAR Board.

This membership category is split into three sub categories:

Associate Members are entitled to attend BAR working committee meetings (currently the Technical Committee and Health & Safety Committee) and BAR events and to receive BAR communications and other information.

Overseas manufacturers and importers of products that compete with those of Full Members of the Association are not eligible for Associate Member status.


The affairs of the Association are governed by a Council of Full Members that will meet at least four times per year. Every Full Member of the Association is entitled to send a representative to the Council.

Decisions reached by the Council will be by consent, but in the event of a vote, each Full Member is entitled to register one vote only on matters raised at meetings irrespective of the size of the organisation they represent. In the event of a tie on any vote, the Chairman is entitled to a casting vote.

The Council will elect a Chairman, who will preside over its affairs and, if appropriate, represent the Association publicly. The normal term of office for the Chairman is a maximum of two years.

The operations and marketing of BAR are managed by the contracted Project Director and via the Association’s affiliation to the Mineral Products Association. The Project Director reports to the Chairman.

The Council will nominate a minimum of four of its members, one of whom will be the Chairman, to act as Directors of the Company to discharge on behalf of the Association the statutory and other requirements of the Company.

The Council may, from time to time, nominate a representative of BAR to outside bodies such as British Standards Committees. Such nominees may only be made from Full Members of the Association unless specifically determined by a majority of council.

Associate members may attend Association sub committees, working parties and seminars.

In the event of any conflict of interest arising between Associate and Full members, these should be identified on a case by case basis by the Chairman of the BAR board or sub- committee and resolved appropriately by, for example, excluding any Associate Members from the relevant agenda items.

Public statements, in particular Quality Alerts on reinforcement material, from the Association must be approved by the Chairman and Chairs of the Technical Committee and Health and Safety Committee before circulation.


The Council will determine an annual subscription for Full Members and Associate Members to provide finance to cover the Association’s operating expenses and achieve the aims and objectives set out above. Subscriptions are invoiced and collected by MPA.

Additionally, the Council may, if necessary, raise a special levy to fund any special project or exercise that would further the activities of the Association.

Members and Associate Members may terminate their membership of the Association by giving three months written notice to the Chairman or Project Director. Subscription fees are non-refundable.

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