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Built in structural flexibility.


Reinforced concrete offers more lettable space at no extra charge.

Reinforced concrete construction continues to offer better value than steel despite the current price adjustment for reinforcement. This is demonstrated by the impact of steel price rises on the cost of gross floor area.

In their Economic Bulletin Summer 2005 leading construction economists Franklin + Andrews report on their application of the published steel price increases from March 2003 to March 2005 to a cost analysis of the construction of a typical three-storey office building. They found that if the office was constructed using a concrete frame then the total cost increases by 0.7%. This equates to approximately £10/m2 GFA (gross floor area). By comparison, if the same building was constructed using a steel frame there would be a 2.3% rise in costs which equates to a increase of £33/m2 GFA.

This is a significant cost differential between reinforced concrete and steel frames. In terms of total gross floor area, reinforced concrete offers a more cost effective option than steel.

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